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Enough is Enough

“More than anything, Illinois is suffering the effects of a profoundly severe recession whose origins can be traced directly to the policies of the federal government since 1994’s ‘Republican Revolution’ ” said Speaker Madigan in the Southtown Star on June 27th. I fail to see how, after decades of democrat control in Washington, D.C. and in Illinois, this kind of logic helps address the problems Illinois faces. Instead of acknowledging the crisis and a plan to work through it, he blames the past.

Illinois has had eleven drops in credit ratings since 2003. We can’t pay our bills and fund our schools. I find this particularly alarming. It used to be that we were a good state to do business with, however, this has changed as our word and our credit mean very little…especially in our own communities.

We don’t have time for finger pointing. That “time” is a luxury Illinois can ill afford. We do have an historic opportunity before us. It is time to show our neighbors that we can and will lead this State. Leadership is not easy, nor should it be taken for granted. Enough is enough.

Illinois’ House Republicans, led by Minority Leader Tom Cross have a plan that I fully support:

• Reform and Restructure Spending
• Create Jobs and Increase Revenues
• Reinvent Illinois Government
• Hold the Line on Taxes


Paid for by the Friedns of Tim Schmitz. A copy of our report is available through the Illinois State Board of Education.